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How To Revamp Your Instagram Profile Quarterly Checklist


Let's start by being reminded that your Instagram profile is your living business card.


(And if you're still like, why should I even use Instagram to grow my business, read my blog post on this topic here.)


When someone lands on your Instagram profile because they saw a reel you posted or someone shares your profile with them or for any other reason that they might have navigated to your profile, you want them to be able to easily decipher:

  • know who you are
  • what you offer
  • how they can learn more


And if you're doing it right, this info is most likely going to evolve as your business evolves.


So it becomes even more important to know how to edit and update your Instagram profile in a strategy way on a quarterly basis, at a minimum.


If your first questions is, "what is my Instagram profile and how do I know what is what on there?", then go read my blog post about all those details here.


This checklist is a great place to start once you've familiarized yourself with all the parts of your Instagram profile. Feel free to copy and paste into your Asana task list or your Notes app or wherever it is that you keep track of what you need to do in your business so that you can streamline your standard operating procedures and timelines.


And feel free to bookmark this page to come back to, because there will also be updates here as well.


Here's your checklist:

  • Update your About Me/Start Here post and pin it 
  • Update your Name field with keywords relevant to your ideal client audience
  • Delete any highlights that are older than 50 weeks or that aren't relevant anymore 
  • Update your bio with keywords relevant to your ideal client audience
  • Review your content pillars and update as needed
  • Create a new lead magnet and update your CTA in your bio 
  • Update your pinned content
  • Revisit your content strategy and update as needed
  • Unfollow any accounts that don't resonate with you anymore


I know it can feel overwhelming and confusing to figure all of this out on your own, don't hesitate to book a 1-on-1 Strategy Coaching call with me.


I'll not only help you optimize your Instagram profile, but I'll also help you nail down your content pillars, create a blueprint social media strategy for yourself, and give you some initial to-do guidance so you're less overwhelmed and and more confident with your next steps.


You've got this! Stay true to what brings you joy, speak with clarity to your ideal client audience, and keep showing up.



If you're looking for coaching and direct guidanceĀ to help you grow your reach on InstagramĀ so you can increaseĀ your income, Instagram Growth Lab is the monthly membership community for you.


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