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5 Reasons You Should Use Social Media To Grow Your Business

5 Reasons You Should Use Social Media To Grow Your Business


I know you're probably cringing at the idea of using social media to grow your business.


I know, because I did the same thing.


I resisted. I did everything else you can do in traditional marketing ways to grow my business. And it worked.


But it was limited to who I could reach and how I could impact them and at the end of the day my goal in both of my businesses is to give women entrepreneurs the tools to create a business they love and to have an impact that extends beyond the boundaries of where they live.


And let's be honest about social media for a minute, because it's not 2005 anymore.

Social media is now a vibrant marketing channel full of opportunity for businesses of any size. For businesses with products or services to promote. For businesses that truly desire to grow their reach and impact.


And honestly, it’s a must-have for YOUR business. Yes, YOU.


Here are 5 reasons why you need to start using social media for your business growth as of today if you aren't already:


1. Brand Awareness

Creating a strong brand awareness (YOU ARE THE BRAND) is key to gaining the trust of your ideal client audience and building credibility. Social media allows for you to be present to your ideal client across multiple platforms in a way that will allow them to not only remember you but also the value you have to offer and how what you're offering would impact them positively.

Because no matter what product or service you offer, someone else offers it too. But not the way you do. So make sure you're showing up so your ideal client can find you, see you, get to know you, and then work with you.


2. Attract Leads For Free Or Low-Cost

It's incredible that you can attract and connect with your ideal clients without having to pay for any ads on Instagram. Once you get good at talking to your ideal client with the content that you provide, addressing their pain points and/or desired outcomes, and being consistent with showing up, you'll start to notice a flow of regular engagement, new followers, and folks opting into your offers.

Some great tools you can use for learning how to speak to your ideal client are the People Also Ask section of Google and Pinterest search results.


3. Create Deep Connections With Your Ideal Client

Listen, people are going to buy from and work with people that they know, like, and trust. And when you're using social media to create those initial connections, you have to be really intentional with the kind of connections you're establishing and relationships you're building.

As you continue to show up consistently, post content that speaks to your ideal client and intrigues them, and offer engaging opportunities in your content, your followers will start to feel like they know you. And when they feel like they know you, they feel like they can trust you. And when the trust you, you have built a relationship and a deep connection that keeps them coming back for more content, value, and  connection, which leads to them being  ready and willing to pay for your products and/or services.


4. Grow Your Email List For Free

When someone lands on your Instagram account, you should have a CTA (call to action) in your bio leading them to a freebie, a lead magnet, that will opt them into your email list.

Instagram is an incredible platform that you should use to create that first step connection to your ideal client, but the next step is always to take them off the platform and connect further via email. 

Because social media could go down at any point and you would lose all those connections. When t hey are opted into your email list, you  have a direct way to continue connecting and nurturing the relationship with them. 

If you need guidance on lead magnets, check out my blog about them here.

5. Your Ideal Client Is Already Making Buying Decisions On Social Media

Your ideal client is already on social media and they're making their buying decisions for products and services while they're scrolling.

Once you're intentional about using strategic practices in how you show up on social media and interact with your ideal client audience, they're going to start paying you for your products or services because you're top of mind.


I know it can feel overwhelming and confusing to figure out where to start with creating strategy that works when using Instagram to promote your business and grow a sustainable income...


So I invite you to join Instagram Growth Lab, where you'll give all the strategic guidance you need to grow an aligned and authentic business using Instagram.


If you're looking for coaching and direct guidance to help you grow your reach on Instagram so you can increase your income, Instagram Growth Lab is the monthly membership community for you.


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