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30 Lead Magnet ideas to market your business


One of the most powerful marketing tools you can use to grow your email list is a lead magnet.


But what in the world is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a free offer that gives value and a taste of what you offer to your audience in exchange for their content info, usually their email address.


What kind of information should a lead magnet offer?

Your lead magnet should address a pain point or offer a solution that is specific to your ideal client.


How does my audience get my lead magnet?

The best way to offer a lead magnet is to create a form through your Email Service Providers so you can capture their content info through a legal opt-in option. After opting in, they would receive an email with your content attached. The form that leads to your lead magnet can be shared in the website link you offer on your Instagram profile, either as a stand-alone website link or in a LinkTree style list of link options.


So let's do a quick recap about lead magnets:

  1. Lead magnets deliver value for free;

  2. Once your ideal client opts-in by submitting their content info, they receive your lead magnet;

  3. The content can be consumed and/or implemented immediately upon receipt;

  4. You are offering your ideal client useful info - it's a win-win.


Once you can show your ideal client the value you have to offer through your lead magnet, they are more likely to come back to learn from you over and over. And when they're coming back to learn from you, the know-like-trust relationship factor is growing, making them more likely to move forward with purchasing your product or service.


Here are 30 lead magnet examples to get you started with brainstorming YOUR best lead magnet offering:

  1. E-Book
  2. Checklist
  3. Template(s)
  4. Free strategy call
  5. Webinar
  6. Workshop
  7. Tutorial
  8. Quiz
  9. Mini-Course
  10. Survey
  11. Interactive Workbook
  12. Guidebook
  13. Challenge
  14. Script
  15. Step-by-Step Guide
  16. Zoom Masterclass
  17. Calendar
  18. Cheat Sheet
  19. Planner
  20. Resource List
  21. Coupon/Discount
  22. Free Shipping
  23. Shopping Guide
  24. Free Samples
  25. Email Newsletter
  26. Waiting List
  27. Free Trial
  28. Access to a Community
  29. Tip Sheet
  30. Blog


You've got this! And if you're feeling like you need more guidance on how to move forward with lead magnets and optimizing other aspects of your social media use for business growth, check out my current offerings here!


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