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3 Reasons to Focus on Community-Based Marketing

I truly believe that any and all businesses should exist for two reasons:

1️⃣for the positive benefit of the business owner

and of equal importance

2️⃣ for the positive benefit of the consumer


This is where community-based marketing becomes so important as a timeless strategy to grow your business in an intentional and conscious way.


Community-based marketing is where brands proactively build a feeling of community to fulfill their needs and the needs of their customers. And it's not new. When social media platforms first started, the focus was on community building and connection. And then there was an evolution to be more focused on algorithms and how to mass broadcast ads.

But a new shift is happening and we're here for it.

People don't want to feel like social media is a landing page for every curated ad under the sun. They want to feel true connection, and for that to happen WE, as business owners existing on social media to grow our businesses, have to get back to consumer-focused, connection-driven businesses when we are showing up and sharing content.


Here’s why it’s more important now than ever:


⚠️ Traditional marketing doesn’t work as well as it used to because consumers are overwhelmed with ads and information in every facet of their life. Instead of competing for attention, when we focus on building community, people feel welcomed in and see their needs being met with the product or service that you offer in a way that isn’t overwhelming


⚠️ The Internet and all social media platforms are continuing to evolve, and the best way to stand out is to create a feeling of connection with the foundation of community at the core of your growth strategy


⚠️ People are lonely, they want to feel seen and heard and connected, and when we grow a conscious business and intentionally create connection through community it shows that we’re truly focused on not just meeting our needs, but also on meeting the needs of others


Community building takes time. Building a business takes time.

But it’s time well spent and you’ll never be sorry that you were intentional with building your business with community as your foundation.



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