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How To Create Reels That Get Engagement

Step-by-step guidance to start creating reels in Instagram that will get engagement and be authentic to YOU.

Three modules to give you guidance on:

  • trending audios and voiceovers
  • transitions
  • the lines for where your content should be and shouldn’t
  • using multiple video shorts and piecing them together
  • what options live in the smiley face and how to use them
  • how to use the align feature
  • templates
  • how to find trending sounds
  • how to change the color of the whole screen with the highlighter function
  • text that appears and disappears
  • savings reels and/or audios
  • where to put text on your reel 
  • how to put a Twitter-like quote on a reel
  • what type of still images and video to use to take up the whole screen
  • how to add captions
  • how to access saved drafts of reels, saved, audios, and saved posts
  • how to do a voiceover, how to add a sound and voiceover
  • what type of content should go on the reel verses in the caption
  • how to create still image story size slides to use in reels along with a video
  • how to do simple transitions
  • different options at the final step before posting 

What People Are Saying:

Made my first reel!! Also told every maker at the winter market about the class!! Still have module 2 & 3 today. But I'm already feeling better about my abilities to make reels. Thank you!!

Ali Kelly, Burnout Woods

It was so helpful, so beneficial, I learned so much and I thought I had a good grasp on reels, so you did great! You had it jam packed!

Laura King, Wild Cabin Studio