How To Sell On Instagram Without Being Salesy

Tell me if you find yourself nodding yes to any of these:

  • You are consistent with posting, but all you get are bot followers and spam messages
  • You’re constantly confused about how to reach new people outside of the followers you already have
  • You’re afraid you’re gonna come across as an icky sales person so you don’t talk about your product or service at all
  • You constantly post about your product or service and no one engages with your posts or buys from you

If so, if you’re nodding yes to ANY OF THESE, this is the training for you.


In this 3-Day Training, I'm gonna teach you how to:

  • Talk to your ideal client along their customer journey
  • Create content that attracts your cold ideal client audience to your profile
  • Use your stories to nurture relationships and sell to your audience
  • Create a lead magnet that your ideal client wants
  • Where to put your lead magnet opt-in within your Instagram bio
  • How to craft captions that will guide your ideal client to opt-into your lead magnet
  • How to craft a welcome email series


This training will be LIVE on Zoom May 30, 31, & June 1 at 1-2pm MST / 3-4pm EST.

All registered attendees will have access to all included resources and the recordings from each day's training forever.

What People Are Saying:

When Emily started to teach me about social media, I was so blown away how much knowledge she had regarding the value of content! She was very patient and would explain things in great detail. She gave me the confidence I needed to start posting on social media daily.


The training was rich in content and I'm excited to use Reels to reach my audience.


You made such a scary and confusing thing super easy! You explained everything never assuming your clients knew certain steps. You're relatable, real, funny and spicy! The level of detail and pace of which you teach is perfect and not overwhelming.


I hope I don't sound over the top here but just can't tell you how much I enjoy learning from you. You're just so down to earth so real that you help remove the intimidation of trying to do these things and look professional. You help remove the stigma of not being perfect and it's huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

Ellen, Ethnic Chic Jewelry

Thanks so much, Emily! You've been tremendously helpful. Everything I want to do with our biz and my own wellness stuff feels so overwhelming even still. BUT you're helping me break it down into income-generating steps that I really appreciate.

Stacey, Big Sky Soul Gifts

I love learning from Emily because she is able to teach very clearly and takes the time to figure out what I’m missing or she teaches another way so I can understand it better. Even in group settings I love how she can reach the individual and help them figure out what their specific need is.

Ann, Burnout Coach

$99.00 USD


On-Demand Course:

Content That Converts

  • Video and photo tips, how to use and set up a ring light and tripod, how to take selfies in video and photo
  • Reels, carousels, stories, and lives for Instagram
  • How to batch create content to save your time
  • Create Reels that have simple transitions, hooks, and CTAs that intrigue your ideal client
  • Create Carousels that inform and educate your ideal client to take the next step to working with you
  • Learn how to use Instagram Stories to cultivate relationships and effectively sell
  • Learn how to use Instagram Lives to offer value to your ideal client on a consistent basis